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Written By Thomas Ponco on Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 7:30 AM

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Published August 30, 2012

By Philippe Crowe

Car Charging Group, Inc. now provides EV charging services at three locations at University Park at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This is done through the company’s partnership with Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

Charging services are now available at parking garages located at 30 Pilgrim Street, 55 Pilgrim Street, and 80 Landsdowne Street on the University Park campus.

"We are excited to support Forest City's green initiatives at their properties and provide electric vehicle charging services at MIT," said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging. "As our first EV charging services at a university related project, we believe that placing stations at MIT, a leader in the advancement of scientific and engineering research, perfectly complements the vision of our company."

University Park is a 27 acres urban life science campus comprised of 1.5 million square feet of biotechnology space, 675 apartments, 3 parking garages, a four star LeMeridien Hotel and 75,000 square feet of retail space. Many of the Park's tenants already utilize electric vehicles, including Forest City.

CarCharging's services utilize EV charging stations manufactured by ChargePoint, known as Level II, which provide 240 volts with 32 amps of power to quickly refuel an electric vehicle's battery. EV drivers can easily register and create a CarCharging account online, and attach a small card to their keychain to initiate use and payment at any intelligent CarCharging station.

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