Fisker Hires Industry Veteran Jim Yost as CFO

Written By Thomas Ponco on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 | 7:00 AM

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Published July 3, 2012

By Jeff Cobb

As Fisker builds its distribution network for its extended-range electric Karma and the Atlantic to follow possibly by late 2013 or 2014, it is seeking more funding as well as wise allocation of existing resources. In light of this, yesterday it announced it has hired another industry veteran to the position of chief financial officer.

Jim Yost has 30 years of global automotive industry experience and in his third job since leaving Ford in 2001, will work closely with CEO Tom LaSorda and Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker.

Most recently, Yost worked for Dana Holdings as executive vice president and chief financial officer from 2008 through May 2012. Shortly after retiring from Ford in 2001, Yost joined Hayes Lemmerz, serving as executive vice president, chief financial officer from 2002 through 2008.

Before that he spent 27 years at Ford Motor Co. in North America, Europe and South America in roles including chief information officer and vice president of corporate strategy.

Fisker has been quiet on the news front as it is shoring up its position, and pushing out its niche vehicle, recently disclosing it delivered over 1,000 since launch last fall. Its Atlantic is delayed, and it did lose government funding, but has garnered the confidence of private investors.

Like Tesla, the private green energy car company is not fully disclosing sales figures, and when asked, says its plans are coming to pass, albeit slower than initially hoped.

Hiring another industry veteran in addition to LaSorda – who worked 23 years at Chrysler, and 9 years at GM – is hoped to help keep the company on track to viability and full recognition as a bona fide global car company.

“We are delighted to add a high caliber global automotive executive like Jim to the Fisker leadership team,” said LaSorda. “Jim’s extensive financial, operational and strategic skills as well as international experience will be a tremendous asset as we continue to expand the global reach of the Karma sedan and prepare the path for the next generation Atlantic sedan.”

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