BYD Automotive: Is the dream over?

Written By Thomas Ponco on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | 10:55 AM

The first Sports Cars are considered to be (though the term would not be coined until after World War One) the 3 litre made in 1910 Vauxhall 20 hp (15 kW) and 27/80PS Austro-Daimler (designed by Ferdinand Porsche).

BYD plug-in success in the US seems far-fetched today

When Warren Buffett made a major investment in BYD Automotive several years ago, it seemed the future of plug-in vehicles, particularly Chinese plug-in vehicles, was clearly secure. The oracle of Omaha had spoken.

But, based on reports coming out of China, Buffett might have to think

AutoObserver is claiming that as many as 1800 of BYD Automotive’s 2600 employees could soon be either fired or laid off. For now, however, BYD is officially denying the report. Instead, BYD is only reporting that a restructuring is in the works. Regardless, it’s clear that BYD sales are sputtering badly.

And, with the US government convinced that BYD is stealing secrets from other automakers, for instance, any hope of BYD cars finding success in markets like the US seems slim.

One can probably expect that the Chinese government will keep BYD in the automotive game, but a pin has been poked into dreaming BYD. Reality just isn’t on the same page.

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